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Waste Types

Deciding what sort of Waste you have?

Identifying the sort of waste you have is normally straight forward. We have put together the information below to help you to choose the right bin for your rubbish removal needs however if you still need more information feel free to ring us for free friendly advice on 3821 3200 or contact us by email.

Since there are so many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, only a small amount of waste needs to end up as landfill. We believe waste disposal should be the last option. We achieve this by managing the types of waste handled in our bins. By defining different waste types we are able to ensure that some waste streams go straight to recycling or reuse, minimising the impact to the environment. In some situations by separating your waste types this may result in a discount on our normal pricing.

Identifying and where possible separating waste streams ensures that loads that are classified as Mixed Waste, Heavy, Solid & Clean Fill Waste and Recyclable Heavy Materials do not exceed the ability of our equipment and trucks to lift bins back on and transport them within the allowable Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

Prohibited Waste Types

  • Batteries (containing liquid)
  • Gas cylinders (empty or full)
  • No EPA regulated waste or Dangerous goods
  • No asbestos
  • No Car Tyres
  • No Putrescible Waste
  • No Liquids (whether contained in drums etc or not)

Fire Ants

Movement Controls apply to restricted items soil (includes fill, clay, overburden, scrapings, topsoil, decomposed granite (deco), potting media and any other material from the ground), mulch, manure, bark, hay, pot plants, potting media, turf, sleepers/logs, gravels, poultry litter.

For more information read FAQ 12

General Waste

Suitable for most general household, commercial, landscaping, construction and demolition waste. You can include green waste, and small amounts of heavier items. Includes waste from the following sources: Building, Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D), Institutional, Commercial & Industrial Waste (C&I), Domestic Household Waste, Business & Commercial Waste, Landscape & Gardening Waste.

Green Waste & Timber

Strictly suitable for timber or garden waste i.e. trees, branches, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips and bark & other organic recyclable material. Loads can be Green Waste, Timber or Green Waste & Timber - mixed (No Root balls or trunks over 250mm wide. Please contact our office for information on root balls and large tree trucks).

Loads that do not comply are classed as General Waste.

Mixed Waste

Suitable for a combination of General Waste, Green Waste & Timber and Heavy Waste Materials. Loads with less than 50% Heavy Waste Materials such as concrete, bricks, soils etc. and other General, Green and Timber Waste.

Loads that do not comply may be classed as Solid & Clean Fill Waste.

Heavy, Solid & Clean Fill Waste

Suitable for Unsorted Heavy Materials such as concrete, soil, clay, rocks, stones, rubble, bricks, sand, asphalt, and ceramic & roofing tiles etc. along with other waste types. Loads with greater than 50% Heavy Waste Materials such as concrete, bricks, all soil types, gravel, ceramic & roof tiles etc. and other General, Green and Timber Waste. The major part of these loads contain unsorted recyclable waste types.

Loads that do not comply may be classed as mixed waste.

Recyclable Heavy Materials

Suitable for concrete, bricks or soils ONLY. Strictly: 100% Clean and separated - suitable for recycling without sorting.

Loads that do not comply and still require sorting are classed as Heavy, Solid Clean Fill Waste.


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